New Yarns – New Ideas

I’ve completed some new yarns.  Their pictures and stories/inspiration are available on the Products page.

Additionally, I’ve worked up some samples of “stuff” I’ve made with my yarns.  Pictures and quick descriptions (as well as some useful links) are available on the Ideas page.  Hope you enjoy these!



Frodo: Go back, Sam. I’m going to Mordor alone.

Sam: Of course you are. And I’m coming with you.

Samwise (Sam) Gamgee is a best friend – hobbit.  He is to Frodo what Ethel Mertz was to Lucy Ricardo; what Barney Fife was to Andy Taylor; what McGee is to DiNozzo and Ziva.  Sam is an awesome sidekick!

My Dad was my Sam this past weekend.  We went to Taos to get “blue cheese” (Dad loves to get blue cheese in Taos).  Saturday morning, as we were driving in Taos, I saw a sign at the entrance to Kit Carson Park (where the fall Wool Festival is held) saying “Taos Fiber Marketplace this weekend.”  Seriously, this very weekend?  I looked it up and – low and behold – it really was this weekend at the Taos Convention Center.  I asked Dad if we could swing by there and he agreed.  Fiber and wool aren’t his thing, but he knows they are mine.

He understood when I explained that I have to cruise the vendor booths at least once – perhaps twice – before I start buying.  And then I may have to go through a couple more times in case I missed something.  He patiently wandered with me, petted the fiber, remarked on the amazing colors, and even checked out camel and qiviut fibers.  Found some gorgeous stuff in happy spring colors.  Loaded up on mohair locks – I LOVE mohair locks.

Gorgeous colors from Taos

Gorgeous colors from Taos         Hues by Heather through Art Through the Loom

Dad got “blue cheese”, I got fiber.  We had a wonderful drive thru Cimarron and Taos Canyons.

Magnificent Palisades in Cimarron Canyon

Magnificent Palisades in Cimarron Canyon

Surprised Father Emmanuel at church in Eagle Nest.

Our good friend, Father Emmanuel

Our good friend, Father Emmanuel

Had dinner at the St. James.

What a wonderful day!

New Logo

New Logo

After a few iterations – which included exactly where the “precious” stitch marker should go and some work on his big baby blues, the Logo is done and he and I are ready to label our yarn!

So, ya wanna make and sell yarn?

Happy Birthday, Jess!

Sooo, if one decides to sell handcrafted, fiber related items, then one needs to do it right, right?  With the help of friends and friends friends, I have been able to make some awesome connections to help, advise and work with me on getting things launched.

First, there needs to be an awesome logo that feels like “me” and helps identify my work.  So what should a Birkenstock and patchouli wearing, somewhat hippy – ish (but totally hip) person named Smigiel do – go with a hippy hobbit (or reasonable facsimile)!  . . . and Sam (my graphic artist and computer tech advisor)  and I are off.